Security Room

Asset Monitoring Services

Partnering with ARS / Global Emergency Management Starts Here.

Our professionally trained operations staff monitor, alert, advise, respond, and educate your key decision-makers with vital and timely information on threats affecting your people, your properties, and other valued assets. 

Monitoring with a Plan and a Partner 

Our command center operates 24 hours a day watching over your properties, and you get priority access to response equipment and services, even in times of widespread disaster.

With options to add sensors that detect smoke, water, power outages, and other perils, our services provide immediate insight into what is happening at your property. 




We MONITOR your Assets 

Your valued Assets are monitored from our command center strategically located in Houston, TX, USA. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for you. 


We ALERT your Leaders 

We combine multiple government agencies, commercial, and private intelligence on all threats affecting your valued assets. Our intelligence covers weather, geological, civil disturbance, terrorism, and more. Our proprietary alert system is tailored to each client needs. We are able to notify multiple levels of decision-makers at once or in sequence by text, call, or proprietary mobile phone app notifications. 


We ADVISE your Leaders 

Our calls involve problems of all shapes and sizes. Our responders are trained to advise on a tailored set of options to care for and secure the People involved, the Properties damaged, and other high-value assets in peril. 


We RESPOND to the Problem 

Since you have priority access to our fleet of response equipment and a set of options to respond, you employ ARS to complete the needed services. We combine critical infrastructure, humanitarian aid and care, armed security, immediate property mitigation, and full restoration capabilities under the same roof and a single number to call. ARS is a total solution to your entire problem set. 


We EDUCATE your Organization 

We are your partner, and as our partner, you will feel supported. We continually strive to educate communities and businesses on disaster resilience. As part of our monitoring services, you gain exclusive access to newsletters, tips, pre-emptive checklists for evacuations, and a host of other resources you expect from a professional Emergency Response Partner. 

Optional Vendor Management Program 

We provide services to manage your entire set of vendors, leaving you with just one number to call. 


We provide oversight and dispatch services for your vendors. We provide notifications when your vendor arrives, when they finish, and the time it took to complete their work. We provide reports on measures of performance, giving your organization insight into which vendors are keeping up with their contractual obligations and which ones are falling short. 

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