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April: Month for Awareness & Special Days for Causes

April has officially arrived!

April is a month of new beginnings, blooming flowers, and the promise of warmer days ahead. Did you know that April is also a month of Distracted Driving Awareness Month? We have compiled unique days/weeks of April that can be a great topic for toolbox talk. Let's take a moment this month to renew our dedication to building a safe and healthy work environment and helping each other for everyone's well-being. Distracted Driving Awareness Month April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Most of us drive every day but we often forget how dangerous it can be. According to the statistics, in 2020, approximately 1,600 people lost their lives to motor vehicle accidents. In addition, more than 100k people were injured. Distracted driving is extremely risky. Eating, drinking, looking at the phone, and even engaging in conversation can be dangerous. We need to always remember that anything that makes you take your eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind off of the task of driving can instantly lead to serious accidents. Workplace Violence Awareness Month April also marks Workplace Violence Awareness Month. Don't brush it off just because you haven't suffered an act of workplace violence. The fact that this topic is consistently covered in the news means workplace violence is common - implying someone you know may be suffering from it right now! Workplace violence does not only include physical violence. It also includes intimidation and verbal abuse that could lead to physical assault and subsequent injuries. The best way to prevent and stop workplace violence is to talk about it openly and educate. Make sure your company has a solid reporting system for workers with these issues. In addition, regularly conduct risk assessments of the workplace and inform employees of what's been identified. Educate employees on what they can do if they encounter workplace violence.

World Health Day World Health Day is an international health awareness celebrated on April 7th every year, founded by WHO in 1948. The recent pandemic has (re)ignited our attention to health precautions that had often been overlooked. World Health Day is a great reminder to raise awareness about the importance of good health and well-being, as well as to promote healthy habits and behaviours. Let us take this opportunity to pledge our commitment to fostering a culture of health and wellness in our community and beyond! National Work Zone Awareness Week The 2023 National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 17-21. This is an annual spring campaign held at the start of construction season (spring) to highlight the risks to roadway workers and encourage safe driving through work zones. Many occupational hazards occur to the lives of workers due to common issues such as distracted driving, rushing, fatigue, and even complacency. Everyone wants to arrive home safely each day. Let’s commit together to reduce incidents in work zones.

Worker’s Memorial Day /The National Day of Mourning April 28th is Worker's Memorial Day, as known as the National Day of Mourning. This day is to remember and honour those lives lost or injured due to a workplace tragedy. Moreover, it's a day to collectively renew and remind ourselves of our commitment to improving health and safety in the workplace to prevent further occupational injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Traditionally the Canadian flag has flown at half-mast on Parliament Hill and all other federal government buildings. We encourage everyone to take time to recognize those (friends and families included) affected by work-related illnesses, injuries, and deaths, by looking for ways to improve health and safety in the workplace and observing moments of silence.

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