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An Exceptionally High Risk of Wildfire in Ontario

wildfires in Ontario Canada warning 2023 summer

Brace up for a dry, hazy summer, Ontarians, as the province experiences an unprecedented surge in wildfires.

The number of wildfires reported this year is three times higher than in the same period last year, leading to a provincial fire ban across most of Ontario.

According to provincial data, firefighting crews have battled at least 269 blazes since the start of the fire season. This is a significant increase compared to the 82 fires reported during the same time last year.

Recently, over 100 firefighters from Mexico have been deployed to Ontario to aid in firefighting efforts.

A provincial map reveals that the majority of the province is now designated as a Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ) due to the wildfires. This designation temporarily prohibits open fires, as well as the burning of grass or debris in these areas. Regions north of Highway 7, including much of northern Ontario, are marked as having a high or extreme risk of forest fires.

As a result, many provincial parks have banned campfires, and residents are advised against using fire pits or charcoal barbecues. Southern Ontario is not under an RFZ: However, some municipalities may implement fire bans as a precautionary measure.

Earlier this month, Premier Doug Ford urged residents to refrain from lighting campfires to prevent the ignition of additional blazes. "We're out there, all the firefighters are out there I should say, fighting against these wildfires ... we will throw every resource we can to make sure we put these fires out."

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