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Monthly Employee Highlight: Reginald Mirandilla

During the interview, he never once showed signs of losing his composure. At each question asked, Reginald would pause briefly to reflect on his answers, then communicate them calmly and deliberately.

In our conversation, when we explored somewhat philosophical inquiries like the essence of success and the objectives that give life meaning, Reginald humbly yet honestly shared his perspective. "Even if you don't possess much, you can still choose to be content and grateful. It's more of a choice than the circumstance. It could be that misery is often rooted in the craving for so much more than you need, in greed."

Interview by Abigail Chung


Part 1: Reginald at ARS / Global Emergency Management

Abigail (Ab): Briefly introduce yourself: What your role is at ARS/Global Emergency Management (abbreviated as ARSGEM going forward) and how long you've been at ARSGEM.

Reginald (Re): I am an Accounts Payable Administrator since last January. It's been about 7 months since I joined the company.

Ab: What are some unique parts of your role at ARSGEM?

Re: It's about finding the balance between being strict and flexible. In the world of accounting, getting the rules right is essential. Yet, there are moments when you come across situations that require a touch of flexibility (while still staying within the rulebook) to cater to the stakeholders' needs.

Ab: How does teamwork play in your job?

Re: You might believe that working in accounting means going at it alone, but that's not true at all. Without a doubt, teamwork plays a crucial part in my job. My main duty involves making sure we handle invoices from vendors the right way so we can pay them on time for all the different projects we're tackling. Since I'm dealing with invoices from different projects, I have to team up with Project Managers and Assistants on different tasks. This includes making sure the invoice is really for us or checking all the papers that come with it before making payments. I don't have all the details about the projects, so whenever I'm unsure about something, I ask our Project Managers and Assistants. When we talk and share what we know, I often get to see things from their side, which gives me new ideas and ways of looking at things.

Ab: That was actually exactly my assumption that accounting work would be highly intrapersonal, rather than interpersonal. Among the many different components, which one do you consider the most vital for achieving a high level of teamwork?

Re: Communication skills. It means you can listen and deliver your points effectively. This is essential in building rapport with your coworkers. When you and your team share a common understanding and respect, your job flows without unnecessary hitch.

Ab: I believe this is the first company you have worked for since you came to Canada. Was there something that surprised you since you worked for ARSGEM?

Re: Yes, you're right that this is my first job here in Canada. I landed here in December of last year, so it has not been a year yet. I appreciate that as a family-owned company, family values are largely reflected in the work environment here. In the Philippines, the country I am originally from, family is a huge thing in our culture. I am grateful that in our company employees are not treated just as 'employees' but as valued members of a big family.

Part 2: Reginald and His Philosophy

Part 3: Fireball Questions

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