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Humanitarian Care / Critical Life Support Services 

We employ critical life support services and humanitarian aid elements so that your people are sheltered, fed, clothed, and have medical care.

Base Camp Deployment, Operation, and Management. 

We provide access to operation and management of the full base camp deployment.  

Our base camps serve up to 150 people each and we have as many as you need. Our base camps come fully serviced or just the asset alone. We provide the normal provisions of a full deployment, including power, heating and cooling, food, water for consumption and sanitation, and everything in between, but tailored to your needs. 


Field Medical Hospital Deployment. 

We provide access to field medical hospitals.  

We provide field medical hospitals for short or long-term rental in times of widespread disaster. We provide management for deployment and recovery. 


Critical Services Personnel. 

We provide personnel for a range of services.  


We provide access to expertly trained security personnel and field medics trained and licensed to respond to mass casualty trauma events. We provide sanitation teams to handle solid and liquid waste removal, cleaning, and oversight for large-scale operations. We can pool general labor in the hundreds at a moment’s notice and provide long-term support.  


Critical Logistics. 

We provide the full spectrum of logistics needs for any emergency. 

Our services include provisions for emergency food at any scale, potable water at any scale, and shelter in temporary base camps or large hotel chain cooperation. We provide emergency air travel and ground transport to remote locations. We provide transport in and out of declared emergency disaster zones with all modes of travel. No matter the need, our answer is yes. 

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