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Red Helicopter

High Value Asset Recovery

No matter where the valued asset is, no matter the time of your call, we move fast to recover your property. 

Recovery of High Valued Assets 

We recover personal, private, government, or corporate assets anywhere in the world. 

We conduct asset recovery operations for you with extreme diligence and personalized, thoroughly planned, rehearsed, and discrete execution. Our experienced teams have recovered $100s of Millions in cash, gold bullion, and treasure in subtropic locations amid extremely dangerous conditions on the ground or the sea. 

We always find a way because There is Always a Way! 


Air, Sea, and Rail Disaster Recovery. 

These are extremely dangerous and complicated recovery operations that involve numerous departments and agencies.  


We recover airline crashes, shipwrecks/ship abandonments/leaks, and rail disasters with care, military-like precision, and serious urgency. Our response includes immediate cordon and search activities, security and fencing for the area, spill response personnel and equipment or bio-hazardous response teams and equipment as needed and a host of other services to address the entire problem. We aid local, state, and federal governments anywhere in the world. 

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