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Emergency and Disaster Response Services

We provide solutions to mitigate business interruptions, mitigate damage sustained in a weather event, and other restoration activities and services.

Our Approach to Business Continuity. 

When we are your partner, we respond with overwhelming support and speed to keep your business running.  


We prepare and rehearse plans to respond to threats affecting your business’ operation. We stage equipment in a nearby warehouse dedicated to your organization, with allocated emergency response personnel to support recovery. We work around the clock so that your organization stays operational, and business is uninterrupted. Whether it’s an unexpected freeze causing pipe breaks, local power outages, or damage sustained in a weather event, our team responds fast to minimize the impact these events have on you and your team with the goal of getting your business back in business. 


Post Damage Property Mitigation. 

Mitigation services prevent the spread of damage and reduce the impact it has on your operations. 


We employ state-of-the-art mitigation techniques to remove damaged areas and debris quickly and efficiently. We stabilize the site and mitigate against the potential for secondary damage and promptly assess and process affected inventory of goods for cleaning and restoration.  


Recovery after damage or danger can take on many faces. If it’s fire damage, you may need a high-powered 2,000 CFM Air Scrubber and professional Odor Control, we have it. We also have solutions for water and wind-driven rain damage, such as large-scale water extraction, dehumidifying, and large-scale drying capabilities. 


Property Restoration. 

Mitigation services prevent the spread of damage, restoration services restore your property back to its pre-damage state. 


Restoring property back to its pre-claim or pre-loss conditions is our specialty. We document your properties ahead of time so there’s no question or debate on how it should look after we’ve completed restoration activities. Insurance claims are considerably faster because we’ve taken the appropriate steps before disaster strikes. We restore properties without documentation as well. 


We employ experienced estimators who understand the complexity of construction planning, consulting, and supervision. We work around the clock so that your organization stays operational, and business is uninterrupted. We provide Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional temporary and permanent repairs to stay within rapidly changing codes and conditions. 


We facilitate moving and storage of equipment, stock, and other assets while reconstruction is happening. Our temporary locations are nearby, climate controlled if necessary, and expertly inventoried. We can also build temporary on-site facilities so that your business can maintain its client base and still conduct operations while reconstruction is occurring. 


Structural Stabilization, Structural Drying, Deodorization. 

We provide structural stabilization, structural drying, and deodorization services to keep your properties in perfect running order. 


Our structural stabilization service gives you peace of mind your properties are safe for occupancy and are up to code. We provide post damage assessments and repairs. We conduct testing for structural changes and issues due to nearby construction activities. We provide foundational stability testing, as well.  


Structural drying can be complicated, but not with us. We restore the structure to its dry standard. Our process is simple: we remove standing water, employ high powered air moving machines to increase evaporation, dehumidify the immediately affected area, and disinfect using prescribed levels of heating to kill all environmental contaminants. 


Our deodorization techniques eliminate unpleasant odors and unhealthy conditions for occupants. We remove the particles from the air using ozone, heat and air scrubbers. We employ a combination of counteractants, fogging, and chemical odor blocks to attack odor causing elements at the molecular level so that the odor never returns. 


Emergency Road Clearing. 

We provide access to your properties after a disaster. 


We clear roads for local, state, and federal response agencies after a widespread disaster. We are often the first on scene before your first responders reenter after evacuation. We provide road clearing access to 911 call centers, police stations, fire departments, and city governments. We navigate and clear downed power lines and trees for electric companies. 

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