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Emergency Planning and Preparedness Services

Emergencies are only emergencies because they lack a structured framework around the problem. We are experts at laying that framework ahead of the disaster, so our response is globally superior.

Our Emergency Planning and Preparedness Services include:  


Tailored Emergency Preparedness Plan Development. 

We assess the property, develop a plan to mitigate the top threats affecting your asset and provide a consolidated report on mitigation measures needed, equipment to support those measures, and service offerings to respond appropriately. We employ decades of experience on what matters most in disaster, inform and educate your organization at any level needed, and act as your emergency partner.


Our assessments and plans are conducted annually to maintain the appropriate priorities and solutions in place. Response plans are updated to reflect growing property portfolios and increased threat activity.

We focus heavily on getting your business back in business. Mobile power generators and other assets can be dedicated, GPS tagged, and come with the flexibility and power of ownership without all the problems.


Pre-Loss Property Documentation. 

We conduct pre-damage inspections, pre-damage documentation with photos, video, and industry-standard software to give you peace of mind. This simple step helps recovery if damage occurs and proves the current condition in case a claim is made on your insurance policy.

Documentation after the storm is much easier with ARS since we documented everything before the storm or damage occurred. Our documentation procedures include trained personnel with decades of experience using thermal imaging and Matterport, building a digital library, and 3D image replication of your property.  


Insurance Policy Review 

We partner with an independent, large-loss insurance law firm who fights claims on behalf of clients every single day. They know what it takes to actually recover funds to rebuild in case of a major unfortunate event. The goal of this step is to ensure you have appropriate coverage and to put measures in place to facilitate faster payments in case you need to file a claim.  



Dedicated Assets 

We give you an option to have total control of your own emergency equipment, but at a 3rd of a cost of ownership.  


We purchase, warehouse, maintain, service, deploy, install, and recover mobile power generators and other equipment for your organization. You have dispatch authority without the hassle and liability of owning it. In disasters, you are not searching for rental assets, especially when it’s widespread. 

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