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ARS / Global Emergency Management

Any time, Any place.

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Our History

Over 65 years of Excellence

A Family-Owned business for over 65 years, we deliver solution-based, value-driven services with compassion, concern, and consideration for our partners’ unique circumstances. We are your Partner of Choice to solve any problem, at any time, in any place with excellence. 

Our Founder

Anthony Gagliano founded TGA General Contracting in 1959, in Toronto Canada. He had an honest and simple premise, which translated to TGA’s first mission statement, “Our Product is Pride.” 

Over the many years, although the core business has remained, the company’s services and capabilities (along with the name) have evolved with the needs and demands of the industries that they have served. 

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Our Standard

At ARS, we are committed to the ongoing improvement of the quality of our work, our service, and our overall business practices. We ultimately define the success of our organization based on our ability to not only meet but exceed the service and quality expectations of our clients. Our team uses process improvement systems and methodology to identify areas for improvement on important performance measures. Areas such as project costs, quality of work, material and time waste, and the efficiency and effectiveness of
our customer service.


At ARS, we are always looking to build upon our already existing - and we feel - well-earned ethical reputation. One that has been established and nurtured from over 60 years of reliable service.  A reputation based on honesty, fairness, integrity, trust, and sound ethical standards and practices. We diligently enforce our standards to our employees and officers, that they must never permit any personal interest to conflict with those of our company and its customers. 

We will fully disclose any suspected unethical, dishonest, illegal, or criminal activities to the appropriate regulatory or law enforcement official. We must protect and safeguard all proprietary, confidential, and sensitive information. We comply with all provincial and federal employment practices, legislation, and statutes.

At ARS, we believe good ethics is good business.

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