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Our Services in Canada

A Global Reach for a Superior Local Response

It is our mission to provide our clients with Value-Driven solutions that mitigate damage and restore business effectively.

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Emerg Management


  • 24-hour Emergency Response in all water and flooding situations.

  • Thermal imaging cameras for water damage inspections.

  • LGR Desiccant dehumidification and high-velocity air movers.

  • Safe, effective, and advanced mould removal practices.

  • Specialized inner-wall and hardwood floor drying systems

  • Removal, Cleaning, and Storing of affected materials and belongings.


  • 24 hour Emergency Response in catastrophic fires.

  • A thorough approach to Fire Response & Restoration.

  • Smoke, Soot & Fire Damage decontamination.

  • Comprehensive assessments and restoration plans.

  • Property securing, secondary damage minimization.

  • Removal, Cleaning, and Storing of affected materials and belongings.



  • 24 hour Emergency Response in extreme weather conditions.

  • Storm & Wind damage assessment and repair.

  • Quick moving to secure and stabilize your property.

  • Structural stabilization & repairs, emergency board-up.

  • Damaged, Dead Tree & Branch Removal.

  • Removal, Cleaning and Storing of affected materials and belongings.


  • Over 55 years of experience providing licensed and certified services.

  • Highly experienced Estimators and Project Managers.

  • 20 different trades and professions all under one roof.

  • Always in strict compliance with the most current building codes.

  • Oversee the entire process from start to finish.

  • Projects completed precisely to specifications

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Whatever the situation, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to return the damaged property to its original condition quickly and efficiently. And it all starts with just one call. With a 1-hour response time, our highly trained and certified technicians will respond immediately using the industry’s most advanced techniques, equipment, and products to reduce the severity of your damages and minimize the time your home or business is disrupted.

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