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Mobile Power Generation

Dedicated assets come with the power of ownership at a third of the costs.

Power is the first to go after a disaster. Large rental companies fulfill the large restoration companies, which means access to mobile, reliable generators is a significant challenge. Our dedicated assets come with the power of ownership at a third of the costs. 


Dedicated Mobile Diesel Generators with Dispatch Authority. 

We provide Mobile Power Generation from 56 Kilowatts up to 5 Megawatts and anything in between. We dedicate these assets to your organization, and you have dispatch authority. 


We maintain, service, deploy, connect, and recover our mobile power assets in support of your business or organization. You always have access to these generators because we’ve dedicated them to your organization. You have dispatch authority, so if you have a business friend in need, it is yours to control.  


Design, Build, Installation. 

We provide power distribution design services. We conduct an on-site visit with a certified electrician, determine the wattage needs and installation site survey, present the plan and pricing, then act swiftly to install and load test as appropriate. This can either be managed through ARS or through the manufacturer. 


Priority Rental Services. 

We provide rental mobile generators based on availability. In a similar fashion to our dedicated asset program, you call 1-800-500-3213 and we provide an estimate on services within minutes based on a few conditions such as KW needs, mileage to the site, and equipment availability. We service everyone. We give priority access to generators to our current clients. 

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