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One Thing Technology Cannot Change in Restoration

restoration and time

Time is the most valuable asset.

It is every restoration professional's endeavour to accomplish the required restoration work as fast as possible to respect the client's time.

For the last couple of decades, restorative technology has accomplished huge milestones. By creatively implementing different types of technology from drones to infrared thermometers, restorative professionals can diagnose and locate the issue much faster with impressive accuracy. Rapid diagnosis and swift initiation of work play a pivotal role in reducing the total restoration duration as well as the amount of the bill.

Sufficient Time is a Wise, Paying-off Investment for Your Property

Roy Amara, an American scientist, left a famous quote that is often found on the lips of engineers today: "We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.”

We sometimes take too much pride in modern technology that we mistakenly believe that with it, we can become wizards.

Here is a good example: Restorative drying.

This process of extracting moisture and dehumidification to dry out structures and contents is the foundational work for any water-related restoration. In order to appropriately execute this, only individuals who are qualified by education, training, and experience must do the job. In addition, the total time taken for the drying must not be compromised.

Science and technology have brought us numerous benefits including quicker response to accidents and mitigation for them. However, there is a clear threshold. It is the amount of time that is absolutely required for safe and successful restorative drying. If there is anything even the most updated cannot change, this is it. If any critical structural element does not get dried out completely, it's just a matter of time before more serious problems pop up later.

Your time is the most valued asset. Therefore you must use it for good use. The time allocated for appropriate restoration processes such as complete drying is undoubtedly the best investment you can do for your property's safety and longevity. A stitch in time saves nine. A few more hours or days invested in restorative drying will prevent you from falling into a deep hole in the future.

When a flood-related accident happens, an responsible, insightful property owner and/or manager would get quotes from a number of different restoration companies and compare their prices. It is generally considered smart to choose the company that offers the lowest price and/or the shortest work period. Problem is, this choice could not always be 'smart' in the long run. Many companies deliberately shorten the required work period to attract new customers. This is a very dangerous move: They put the company's financial gain ahead of their client's safety and well-being.

choose the right restoration company

Choose the Right Company to Work With

Restoration is a lengthy process. It takes not only a long time but also a substantial amount of money. If you work with a sub-par company that cuts the corners and does not deliver the optimal result, you are very likely going to go through the painful procedure again in the near future.

How can one know which company is good? One of the best ways to find it out is by looking at the company's streak. Has the company been in the industry for a considerable period of time? Does the company specialize in the particular type of restoration you are looking for? Can the company provide you with a list of clientele for the verification of its competency?

On top of this, we would like to ask you a step further and to be proactive. It is usually too late if a property owner/manager tries to find out which company to work with AFTER an accident happens; You will want the restoration company to arrive at your place right away and start working to minimize the damage. We strongly advise you to decide on which company to work with and make an initial connection before an accident happens. Accidents happen at any time and not all accidents are preventable. We can, however, significantly reduce them by taking proactive action and preventing recurrence by choosing the right path from the very beginning.


It is our pride that we have been in the industry of emergency management (property restoration and disaster mitigation) for over 60 years. Our client's well-being is our unnegotiable priority. Our top-notch technology is our confident edge; however, we are fully cognizant that this edge can be powerful only when it lands in the hands of the capable.

At ARS/Global Emergency Management, we keep up the highest protocol that our personnel on site are certified and trained. From A to Z, we commit to providing the finest service to our clients at all costs.

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