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The Five Keys to Customer Loyalty

how to achieve customer loyalty

You've probably experienced the irritations of dealing with customer service if you've ever tried to troubleshoot a blinking Internet modem or cancel TV channels you no longer watch. Typically, this ordeal commences with seemingly never-ending wait times, followed by a barrage of questions from the representative. What's more, they frequently direct you to the wrong department, leading to yet another extended hold. That's exactly what I personally experienced for a few times in a row with a company. After that, I cancelled their service immediately and decided not to go back to them.

It's not limited to call centres alone. When employees who frequently engage with customers adopt a brusque and uncaring attitude, it creates an adverse impression of the entire company. In scenarios like these, subpar customer service extends beyond an individual problem and becomes an embodiment of the company's approach to customer service philosophy. Regardless of the extravagant claims made on costly billboards and television commercials, substandard real-world services can drive customers away.

Bill Gates said, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." Customer interactions can be intricate. More often than not, when customers become frustrated, nine out of ten refrain from sharing their concerns, citing either fatigue or the perception that their feedback won't make a difference. As the number of disengaged customers grows, your business will steadily decline. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to get their feedback in a simple, untiring way. Regardless of the industry you operate in, your business is for people. When your customers resonate with the values your company embodies and receive personalized, respectful treatment, they transition into loyal clientele. How to improve your customer service might differ in actual application depending on your unique situation. However, there are some common grounds.

how to improve customer experience

Never Run Your Customers Ragged

Our energy and time are finite resources. Consequently, when a task demands more time and energy than we believe it should, we often categorize it as unpleasant and attempt to avoid it.

As shown in the examples mentioned earlier, a prolonged wait on hold serves as a good illustration of depleting a customer's energy. Likewise, receiving wrong or inaccurate information or being transferred to the wrong department can exhaust their energy. When this happens, your customers feel disrespected and tired and will highly likely not return.

If you see a consistent issue with your system with which it tires out customers, it is paramount that you deal with this issue immediately. Do everything you can to remove this hurdle between you and your customers. Concisely and regularly train your employees so that they are on the same page regarding reducing any hiccups that unnecessarily frustrate customers.

how to provide best customer service

Clearly Communicate Your Value

There are multiple businesses that offer pretty much the same products and services that you do. Take a pause and ask yourself: What is the reason that a new customer should choose you, not your competitors? Ideally, your answer should come from the core values that your company upholds.

Let me give you an example. My company offers professional emergency management services for various cases including fire, water, and biohazard incidents. Since day 1 almost seven decades ago, the founders of the company have decided that safety, both for clients and employees, would be one of the highest core values of the business. This principle is still strictly upheld today. From the initial analysis to the final clean-up, we are committed to delivering procedures and services that maximize safety for the valued clients as well as our own employees. That being said, our approach may not resonate with people who prioritize other values, for example, shortening the restoration time. We might not end up working with them. In the long run, however, this is a win for both ends.

You want to build a customer base that genuinely advocates your products and services because they believe in the same values you do. They will become your best loyal customers.

customer loyalty and customer experience

Tailor Your Message

Avoid the misconception that mass email blasts will capture your audience's emotions. Instead of flooding your former customers' email inboxes with generic promotions, explore the potential of customer analytics to tailor and individualize your communications.

For instance, you can leverage customer data to predict their future product or service preferences. Diversify your approach by moving beyond just promotional offers; consider sending varied messages like product teasers and industry updates. You can even send personalized birthday greetings to add a personal touch. Tap into your creative side to make your messages engaging!

exceed expectation customer loyalty

Strive to Exceed Expectations

Fostering customer loyalty relies on the art of exceeding expectations. Surprising customers by providing more than they expect not only shows respect but also conveys their importance.

Consistency in service delivery is essential. Customers have expectations based on their previous experiences with a business. Meeting or exceeding those expectations every time a customer interacts with your business builds trust. Reliability and consistency in quality, delivery, and communication are crucial for exceeding expectations.

Also, don't forget that achieving this objective necessitates a collective effort: Every customer interaction should leave them thoroughly satisfied, regardless of the team member involved. Your employees are the front-line ambassadors of your company. Investing in their training and ensuring their engagement in their roles is therefore vital. Engaged employees are more likely to go the extra mile for customers. Make sure to provide them with the tools and knowledge to provide excellent service and empower them to make decisions that benefit the customer.

customer service feedback

Create an Easy Channel for Receiving Feedback and Make Improvements

When a customer wants you to provide his/her feedback, how easy and convenient the process is? Typically, when customers are dissatisfied, most of them choose not to communicate their issues, either due to fatigue or a perception that their feedback won't be acknowledged. When customers give you feedback, they are investing their time and energy for your own good. Therefore, it's crucial to welcome their input (of course, unconstructive feedback aside).

Assess the customer feedback process for any unnecessary hindrances. If there are any unnecessary hurdles in the way, remove them immediately. Offer a sincere thank you when feedback is received. If possible, reach out later to illustrate how their input is contributing to positive changes in your company.


In today's highly competitive business environment, customer retention should be one of your top priorities. It’s easier to retain an ongoing customer than to bring in a new one. Research also proves that good customer experience serves as a natural marketing campaign itself. Just like any other relationship, building strong customer relationships requires time and work. However, the payoff to your business will always be worth the extra effort.

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