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Specialty Security Services

We provide a range of security services to fit every situation and need.   

Executive Personal Protection. 

Our personal protection services serve executives, VIPs, officials, celebrities, and critical personnel in high-risk activities. 

We provide executive close personal protection for anyone in the world, anywhere in the world. We provide immediate services, as well as contracted long-term partnerships. We provide protection for residences, offices, air, sea, and in any location for any reason. 


Property and Asset Security. 

We provide property security services. We guard your assets during transit on sea, air, or land. 

We provide security services for properties in long-term partnerships or for a contracted length of time. Our services include fencing, uniformed or plain-clothed personnel, armed or unarmed guards, roving personnel or hasty or established central checkpoints or a mixture of both. 

We provide transit security services. We provide security personnel for high-risk, high-value transit by rail, road, sea or air. We provide transit security services with port-to-port, exhaustive, and detailed planning, rehearsals, or immediate response if the danger is imminent.  


Mobile Roving Guards. 

Showing a presence is sometimes all that is needed to stop theft. 

We provide mobile roving guards for construction sites, evacuation sites and routes, government buildings, events, or anything you need. Our guards can be on foot, in vehicles, on horseback, or ATV and they operate anywhere. We can blend in with the environment or be overt in uniform. We can be contracted with advanced notice or on a moment’s notice. We offer long-term partnerships as well. 

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