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A Comprehensive Guide to Underground Parking Safety Management

underground parking garage safety

It is so much more than conventional parking. In today's cities grappled with congestion and spatial constraints, underground parking areas present an opportunity to reshape urban lifestyles. 

Benefits of Underground Garages 

  • Individuals: As your vehicle is likely one of the most valuable assets you possess, safeguarding it is crucial. Underground parking provides secure, well-lit environments frequently monitored by video surveillance or security personnel. Moreover, parking underground shields your vehicle from weather-related damage, such as rust from snow and rain, and prevents issues like tire deterioration and wiper wear caused by prolonged sun exposure. This preservation contributes to prolonging the lifespan of your vehicles, ensuring their market value remains high when you decide to sell.

  • Cities: Underground garages offer cities a strategic approach to optimize their limited urban space. By placing parking below ground, valuable surface area remains available for various other purposes. Further, sufficient underground parking facilities can help alleviate on-street parking, a common factor in traffic congestion and slower traffic flow. With convenient access to underground parking, drivers spend less time scouring the streets for spots, resulting in improved urban aesthetics and the creation of more pedestrian-friendly environments through reduced surface clutter. This enables cities to allocate more space to pedestrian walkways, parks, and recreational areas. 

benefits of underground parking garage in city


Four Factors to Consider When Planning a Parking Area 

  • Safety & Accessibility: Prioritize convenient entry and exit points while ensuring safety through proper lighting and well-designed pedestrian pathways. Enhance accessibility for all users, including those with mobility challenges, to create a welcoming and secure parking environment. 

  • Space Optimization: Determine the optimal number and size of parking spaces, tailored to expected demand. Account for vehicles of varying sizes and accessibility needs to ensure inclusivity and functionality. 

  • User Experience: Improve the user experience by prioritizing convenience and clarity. Offer convenient payment options, install visible signage for seamless navigation, and integrate intuitive systems to enhance the parking process. 

  • Sustainability: Embrace sustainable practices by integrating eco-friendly initiatives like installing electric vehicle charging stations, offering bicycle parking facilities, or incorporating green spaces. These actions advance sustainability, mitigate environmental harm, and resonate with current urban planning ideals. 

factors to consider when planning a parking area underground

Improving Security for Underground Parking in Buildings 

Managing an underground garage requires a strong emphasis on safety and security. Providing a safe environment for those who use these spaces is essential. visible security systems play a key role in enhancing the building's appeal to potential customers. is a practical guide to improving security in your underground parking garage. 

underground parking garage safety proper lighting


Proper Lighting 

Proper lighting is essential in underground garages to enhance visibility and prevent criminal activities. Well-lit spaces facilitate easier navigation and contribute to overall safety. Adequate lighting is essential not only in driving and pedestrian zones but also in stairwells, elevators, and refuge areas. 

It is highly recommended to invest in backup systems to maintain lighting during power outages and ensure well-maintained exterior grounds. In addition, strategically placed landscaping elements like hedges can enhance the aesthetics while providing a barrier against unauthorized entry. 

underground parking garage safety automatic gate


Automatic Gate Barriers 

In parking garage security, automatic bollards serve as key physical deterrents, limiting access to private entrances, underground zones, and bustling delivery areas prone to unauthorized access. By utilizing smartphone apps or responding to triggers like vehicle detection, automatic gate barriers operate without manual intervention while ensuring entry exclusively for authorized personnel or vehicles. 


Video Surveillance 

Installing security cameras for 24/7 monitoring of the underground parking garage is another vital measure to ensure safety. Strategically position cameras to monitor entrances and exits, including interior traffic zones like stairwells and elevator access areas. These systems not only enhance resident safety and deterrence in real time but also serve as valuable evidence in case of a security breach. We highly recommend choosing a camera system equipped with recording and video storage capabilities for easy reference to footage when needed. 

underground parking garage safety emergency call

Emergency Call Stations 

Reinforce the sense of safety among garage users by providing them with the means to seek help if they feel unsafe. Emergency call systems are easily identifiable with their distinctive lighting. Some systems feature built-in cameras, allowing remote security personnel to observe the situation. These systems can also broadcast important information to individuals in emergency situations. 

A modern alternative to conventional emergency stations is the integration of communication features within electric vehicle charging areas. This system offers both convenience and security. 

Vehicle Identification Systems 

As an additional security measure, many underground parking space owners integrate ANPR technology into their systems. ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition) captures vehicle images and identifies license plate numbers as vehicles move. It seamlessly integrates with physical parking protection equipment like boom gates or automatic chain barriers. 


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