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Doing Fireworks This Holiday? Read This for a Safe and Fun Experience!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Create lasting memories with people you love with these safety measures

safety fireworks
Safety for Fireworks

The white of the stars soon blends with the magnificent colours of the fireworks that embroider the quiet, dark nights. Fireworks always make us loud and proud, believing that every dream is possible. It is always a joy to watch fireworks.

There are many exciting fireworks events this time of the year. If you can, we encourage you to find the nearest event and watch the beautiful view of fireworks in the night sky.

If you plan to do the fireworks this coming weekend or the upcoming Labo(u)r Day, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to follow all necessary safety measures. As the name indicates, every type of fireworks possesses potential danger of fire. For a safe and fun firework experience, it is vital that you understand and follow all the required actions.

For your safety and convenience, we have compiled a list of firework safety. You can simply download the image file below to use it as your quick reference.

For more information, we strongly encourage you to seek professional guidelines.

firework safety checklist


safety tips for fireworks

Rule of Thumb #1

Never ignore the instructions.

Most people do not read the instructions (as known as manuals) whenever they purchase new items, whether it is a large household appliance or a technology gadget. If there is a time that you cannot skip reading the instruction, this must be it.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of carefully and thoroughly reading the instruction before doing any fireworks. When you are about to handle objects that burn at a very high temperature, it is absolutely imperative that you read and understand the instruction.

Rule of Thumb #2

Safety always, for you and others.

Thanks to modern science and technology, we now can purchase fireworks that can be operated by fireworks nonprofessionals like us! Keep in mind though that what makes your experience safe throughout is not the product but you, and the people around you.

Safe fireworks begin with purchasing. Your purchase of fireworks must be done through a reliable source that sells products that meet the latest safety regulations. Before igniting fireworks, have safety measures always on hand including a bucket of sand, a supply of water, and a working fire extinguisher. You and all spectators must be at least the minimum safety distance away from the display. You can find the information on the fireworks label. Make sure you wear protective eyeglasses and gloves. When lighting up the fireworks, do it at arm’s length and then immediately stand back.

Rule of Thumb #3

Finish safe and strong!

Great fireworks experience ends with careful after-fireworks-show care. If you have any unused fireworks, store them in a closed box. They need always to be stored far away from any heat source including smoke.

After the event, make sure to dispose of fireworks safely and properly. Sparklers must be immersed in a bucket of sand to cool down after burning out.


safety for fireworks and sparkles

Accidents are called 'accidents' because they happen abruptly. The good news is for the majority portion of accidents are highly preventable. Here is a great quote from F.S. Hughes, Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal recipient back in 1987: “Safety brings first aid to the uninjured.”

We wish you a safe, fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating holiday!

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