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Monthly Employee Highlight: Andrew Spitzer

Meet Andrew Spitzer

"Trust and friendship" were the two words that came immediately out of Andrew's mouth to my question asking about the foundation of effective teamwork. "Transparency is a must to function as a team. There is no individual that can beat a team that is trusting and cooperative." During our interview, a situation occurred with which an immediate response was needed (Unexpectedness is the very nature of any emergency). Being the point of contact person for the client, Andrew, without a hitch, promptly contacted his colleagues on site and updated everyone with the new information. It took 10 minutes max to witness how Andrew, with his outstanding communication skills and knowledge, transformed a customer's reasonable concern into relief and confidence. "You can't be like standing water to work well in this role. You have no choice but consistently learn and hone your skills. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is hard, but it is not too hard when you are surrounded by colleagues who are like-minded."

Interview by Abigail Chung


Part 1: Andrew at ARS/GEM

Briefly introduce yourself I am a project manager based in Toronto. I have been with the company for over two years now. I have been in the restoration field for over 13 years. Before, I worked in sales but always admired working in the property restoration field. I enjoy my job and I am happy I found a job at ARS. What are some unique parts of your role at ARS? It should be related to acquiring and applying a good working knowledge of the various services we perform at ARS. It is crucial to keep myself up to date with the latest knowledge of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Only then, I can ensure to make the correct decisions on how to provide the best service to my clients. How do you see the value of teamwork in your everyday work? It is neither an overstatement nor a false humility that I can do my job effectively because of everyone from the top management down to the members of my immediate team (my coordinator and my project manager assistant). I rely on their support daily and we can achieve success greater than our own expectations together. All my colleagues and I always share information and advice on various issues transparently and that provides me with enormous benefits. What are your favourite parts of your role and why? First, I like the fact that because I am on the forefront side (being the point of contact person for my clients), I get to have a one-on-one conversation with them. When my clients contact me, most of them are upset because of an inconvenient, possibly quite dangerous emergency situation that has just happened to them. This is totally understandable. I get to hear their story and guide them with detailed information on how my team and I can bring their damaged property back to how it was before or even better pre-loss. When they hear that, I can almost vividly vision their anxiety melting down and turning into peace and confidence. That is very rewarding. When you are in trouble of which you cannot figure out a way out on your own, it means the world that there is someone who is profoundly knowledgeable and trustworthy that will take care of your issue. Second, in my job, everything is different. There are no two incidents that are identical: Just like how we are all different, every crisis we deal with uniquely differs from each other. You always need to keep yourself on your toes, with tons of learning on the job each day. It can get stressful sometimes. If you appreciate learning and are open to challenges, however, everything you go through would end up very rewarding in the end. Since you joined the company, what are some of the things you found about the company that you didn't expect? It is the pride that everyone in the company takes in the "Brand". The company's vision of providing exceeding services with the highest level of integrity is widely shared by the employees. In addition, I appreciate the fact the company cares about the safety and well-being of the employees as much as it cares about those of the clients'. I joined the company when the threat of Covid was still high. I was pleasantly blown away to see how the company goes the extra mile to ensure everyone's safety. Right away, I knew that I was in good hands.

Part 2: Andrew's Philosophy

Part 3: More about Andrew

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