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Essential Tips for Christmas Light Safety

christmas lights safety

Winter night is especially dark and long. It is, however, not that lonely. Buildings and big trees dressed in spectacular illuminations of Christmas lights instantly make cold nights magical. It is always fascinating and delightful to stroll through a dazzling, postcard-worthy setting.

With the holiday season in full swing, many property owners/managers get busy getting their properties dressed in colourful Christmas lights. However, not all of them are fully aware of the danger it can bring. In the US, approximately 14,000 people visit the Emergency due to Christmas light-related injuries every year.

In this article, we will provide you with some of the best tips for safe and efficient Christmas light decorations.

christmas lights safety tips

Don't Puncture Your Roof

A staple gun is a go-to tool for many people to attach lights to the roof. It is easy to apply. Despite its handiness, we would like to advise you to try avoiding using it and look for other options.

People use a staple gun to attach lights to the perimeter of the roof. No matter how carefully you apply them, they leave tiny punctures in your siding, gutters, and shingles. The damages get even worse if you rip down the lights to remove them at the end of the holiday season.

There is a safe option: plastic light clips. You can buy them easily from stores or online. This type of clip easily fastens Christmas lights to your home and importantly, does not leave any damage behind.

Use the Right Clips for Your Roof

When you attach lights to your roof using clips, whether it is mini lights or extravagant incandescent lights, you need to use the right clip for your use. There are certain types of roof clips that are specially designed for different parts of the roof in the market. For example:

  • Eave clips: Best for hanging lights along the perimeter of the roof

  • Parrot clips: A good option for flat roofs

  • Bulb clips: Best for hanging lights in the same direction

  • Roof peak clips: For professional Christmas lights installation

  • All-in-one clips: A brilliant option for attaching lights on gutters and shingles

winter holidays christmas lights safety

Be Careful Walking on the Roof

Whenever possible, try to avoid walking on the roof. Maximize using a ladder, as walking on the roof can be dangerous especially when there is heavy snow and ice.

If you need to walk on the roofline, take several precautions to protect yourself as well as the property (ie. your roof shingles are usually susceptible to damage). Make sure the day is sunny and take extra time walking. Wear shoes with soft soles and do not walk on gutters.

Opt for LED Lights

Holiday decorative lights can dramatically increase your electricity bill. In that case, using LED lights can be a smart investment choice.

First, LED lights are more energy efficient when compared to other types of holiday lights. They will help keep your energy bill lower during the holiday season.

Moreover, they are a safer option. While other lights can easily become overheated when lighted up for a longer period of time, LEDs remain cool to the touch. Considering tree fires happen caused by overheated faulty lights every year, using LED lights will prevent this issue all at once.

Limit the Number of Lights on an Outlet

The risk of fire escalates significantly when an outlet is overloaded with too many devices. This is a basic fire prevention principle yet, many people overlook it. Outlets are engineered to manage a particular power capacity, and surpassing this limit leads to overheating, sparking, and the potential for fire outbreaks. Distributing the electrical load across multiple outlets or using surge protectors with overload protection is crucial to prevent these hazards and ensure the safety of your property.

christmas lights safety winter holidays

Invest in Gadgets for Energy Savings

Manually turning on and off the lights every time during the holiday season is cumbersome. Also, you are likely to forget to turn them on or off. If you are traveling, you may need to keep the lights off entirely.

Instead of having to remember and worry about controlling your lights manually every time, get a plug-in timer. They automatically turn on and off your lights according to the time of the day you set. There are many options in the market including devices that are perfectly weather-proof and can be operated with your phone.

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