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Monthly Employee Highlight: Sariat Sultana

When I had an interview with Nelson last year, IT Manager, he was thrilled about Sariat Sultana who just joined the company. Nelson was already confident in this newest member of his team: "Sariat is bright and very willing to learn" was Nelson's own words.

In-person, Sariat may strike you as a bit quiet. It does not mean she is aloof at all. She always listens intently and will provide you with her answers carefully. Once she is warmed up, Sariat will passionately tell you about her all-time favourite pizza place and share her love of desserts.

"When I lived with my parents in Bangladesh, although I was an adult by age, I acted and thought like a kid under my parents' wings. It was only after I came to Canada that I got to learn how to live like a real adult. It's lots of responsibilities but my horizons were greatly expanded. I am loving it!"

Interview by Abigail Chung


Part 1: Sariat at ARS / Global Emergency Management

Abigail (A) Nice to meet you! First, can you briefly introduce yourself, please?

Sariat (S) I am with ARS as an IT Support Specialist for almost 7 months now. I have been working in Information Technology for almost three years since I graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Windsor.

A: What are some unique parts of your role that many people may not know about?

S: My daily duty is comprised of a number of different things from planning and installation of new and existing hardware, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving issues in response to user-reported incidents to providing feedback and recommendations to the management. Every day is different with its unique challenges. Being the first point of contact for any incidents, requests, and concerns, I feel like I am being a support ninja, haha! I love working with people to solve problems together as well as the process of finding the best solution by utilizing my analytical and creative skills. My role is all about never-ending learning and I truly appreciate it!

A: You are still quite new to the company. Was there anything about the company that surprised you?

S: The company is growing and expanding exponentially so I am grateful to be part of the team to build my career and grow each and every day! I also highly appreciate a great work-life balance. My colleagues here are fully devoted to bringing the best work during work hours and at the same time, they highly respect your off-hours. That way, I can be 100% when I work.

Part 2: Sariat with Her Philosophy

Part 3: More about Sariat

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