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5 Key Notions to Observe Closely in 2024

big ideas and trends that will shape 2024

Recently, LinkedIn published an article '34 Big Ideas that Will Change Our World in 2024' to forecast the New Year. 

Out of 34 ideas and insights, we've selected 5 noteworthy points that we think deserve attention. 

trends in 2024 AI personalized chat robots

ChatGPT's buzz will wane with the ascent of a fresh cohort of personalized bots

2023 was a year of big, impressive, generalized AI chatbots. OpenAI's ChatGPT has successfully demonstrated its ability to provide intelligent answers within a few seconds. Many people were thrilled and intimidated to find the unprecedented ability of modern technology. 

In 2024, we will see specialized AI chatbots in more concrete use cases. For example, chatbots specialized in user entertainment will be able to help people choose dinner menus, workout activities, and even what movies to watch. 

Meta is currently banking on specialization by launching 28 distinct specialized bots instead of a single competitor to ChatGPT.  Characters like Coco (for dancing), Max (for cooking), and Victor (for training) are part of this initiative and might soon evolve to possess voices and unique personalities. This direction differs from all-encompassing bots like ChatGPT, Alexa, and Siri, whose broad capabilities can sometimes lead to a lack of individuality. The evolving application of AI chatbots is expected to reshape various industries, sparking interesting changes across the landscape.

trends in 2024 autonomous vehicle tesla

The true test for autonomous vehicles

In the past, we imagined cars fully operated by robots in Sci-Fi movies. Today, we are seeing how that fantasy surely becoming a reality. 

In 2023, we have seen a huge step in humanless vehicles as Google’s Waymo and GM’s Cruise became a highly visible presence in cities such as San Francisco and Phoenix. It might still be too early to get excited as we have some critical issues to deal with: A handful of alarming incidents in California raised some serious yellow flags. Will we be able to see driverless cars roaming the streets in 2024? The stakes may not be very high but companies will continue to navigate the future world of robot-operated cars.

Matthew Wansley, a professor at the Cardozo School of Law in New York, notes, “The public demands a significant safety improvement over human drivers. So, 2024 needs to be about the companies slowly building confidence that they can roll out this technology safely. Hopefully, the industry’s lesson is that a gradual deployment is safer.”

trends in 2024 electric cars for power

Electric vehicles will power our houses 

Electric vehicles are redefining the role of automobiles. Since its invention, the primary purpose of cars has long been transportation. Electric cars, thanks to their unique bidirectional charging system, can double as emergency power sources during outages and can even supply surplus power to the grid, aiding in reducing utility costs.

According to new research, more and more Americans are gaining access to alternative or backup power sources. 

This evolving trend is driving industries to collaborate with creativity. For instance, the utilities and transportation sectors will need to forge closer ties, enabling workers to transition seamlessly between these industries.

trends in 2024 content creator economy

Academic institutions are embracing the creator economy as a legitimate career prospect

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the appeal of content creation, especially among the younger generations. Universities will reflect this sustaining trend that they will create courses tailored to teach students the essentials for success in the creator economy. A wave of classes dedicated to the creator economy will launch across campuses of various sizes next year, focusing not only on the business aspects of the influencer sphere but also on nurturing creativity and style for those aspiring to be on-screen. 

The creator economy is expected to continuously grow, reaching half a trillion dollars by 2027. Generating content for social media involves more than a casual hobby, as the demand to understand the principles of success surges. While this field is still quite new with lots of unexpected variables,  educational institutions have the chance to provide students with formal training in essential skills. This includes the development of a personal brand, the creation of a media kit, and adept networking with potential sponsors.


trends in 2024 balcony power plants

From the ease of our balconies, we'll generate power

Picture harnessing sunlight on your balcony to produce electricity. It will be like a scene from SF movies where buildings are self-sufficient with energy that even if they are separated from the external energy source, they can survive on their own.

That once a wild idea is coming true soon. In Germany, an increasing number of people are installing balcony power plants. Unlike large-scale solar panel roofing systems, the balcony power plant is simple for anyone to assemble and take apart, with costs starting at around 500 to 700 Euros. By potentially fulfilling 10% to 20% of household energy needs, it helps homeowners minimize their exposure to increasing energy expenses.

Will this trend come to other parts of the world? The UK and significant portions of Europe have already integrated plug-and-play solar devices. North America will probably need some more time to adapt due to factors such as uneven sunlight distribution, opposition from utility companies, and safety concerns. Nonetheless, this new technology trend is definitely worth watching out for.


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