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Monthly Employee Highlight: Josh Fryer

Josh Fryer firmly upholds the belief that genuine success in business development is achieved by enabling others to succeed with unwavering integrity.

"When you embody excellence, integrity, and a commitment to continuous improvement in your work, you naturally attract others who share these values."


First Part: AT ARSGEM

Abigail (Interviewer): Briefly introduce yourself: what your role is and how long you've been with us.  

Josh: I have been with the ARSGEM team for 4 years as a Business Development Associate with the Business Development Team closely working with the leadership.  

A: Tell me more about your role as many people might not know about it well. 

J: Within our Business Development Team, we work with various industries. My primary responsibility involves constructing and managing client portfolios in the commercial real estate sector across Canada. Commercial real estate spans a wide range, including office tower, shopping centers, retail stores, warehouses, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals,  and commercial units within residential complexes (essentially, all the spaces not used for living). 

Everything I do is closely centred around customer experience management. I represent our company's values and mission to potential clients as the primary service interface. I act as the primary point of contact for our existing clients, liaising among multiple parties involved, including property owners, management, policyholders, brokerages, consulting and adjustment teams, and operational professionals. 

A: Since you cover a wide range of commercial industries, each sub-sector must have its unique needs and demands. How do you meet them? 

J: In my role, flexibility is a must. First, you deeply learn your customer's unique circumstances, challenges, and needs. Then you pivot by changing direction and strategies to provide the best value-packed service for them. Fixed mentality is detrimental to success in this role. You must always be willing to listen, learn, and pivot. 

A: In the field of sales, it is important to 'win' the hearts of your clients. How do you achieve that? 

J: In many ways, building strong business connections resembles nurturing a meaningful friendship. As a friend, you would want to be with and work with someone trustworthy, reliable, works not only hard but also smart, and has a good overall reputation. The same goes for business relationships. We work with several Fortune 500 companies handling substantial real estate investments. When selecting partners for their assets, they prioritize companies with whom they can confidently collaborate. In essence, business is about people. When you embody excellence, integrity, and a commitment to continuous improvement in your work, you naturally attract others who share these values. 

In many Hollywood movies, sales professionals are portrayed in lavish suits, enjoying champagne with clients at upscale restaurants. Mind you, that's just a very small glimpse of my job. Most of my time is spent on the road, interacting with diverse groups, understanding their unique needs, and finding the best solutions. In my role, constant rolling up your sleeves and handling a wide range of behind-the-scenes tasks are a must.  

Josh with ARSGEM Team @ 2024 Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association- OIAA Claims Conference

A: You emphasize the importance of communication. Can you explain what makes it a good communication? 

J: When communicating with new clients, two things hold the utmost importance: Frequency and Severity. In our fast-paced lives, making a lasting impression requires deliberate effort. Maintaining regular interactions, whether face-to-face or virtual, is crucial to convey your value proposition and genuine interest in their success. The other element is severity. This is closely related to clarity. Your messages have to be extremely clear about what you can offer and how your service differentiates from other providers. A well-planned, concise message will resonate deeply with potential customers. 

A: As the person at the forefront of the business, I am sure working with other team members not just from your department but also from people across the company. How does teamwork influence your line of work? 

J: Without proper, adequate, professional, and reliable teamwork, solid, sustainable growth is straightforwardly impossible. Communication and administration are paramount to the service we provide to our customers. One of the common 'pitfalls' I find that can severely deter that is the mindset of doing only what's mandatory and assuming others will compensate. Like a hole in a ship sinking the entire crew, this mindset is detrimental to team success. To grow and succeed as one team, every team member must take ownership of their responsibilities and be ready to go above and beyond when necessary. 

A: Do you have any advice for those who would like to thrive in your field? 

J: Be flexible. Be committed to continuous learning. Be proactive and diligent. Toronto, where our head office is located, is teeming with diverse young professionals. Engaging with them effectively may require stepping beyond your comfort zone, adopting new perspectives, and being receptive to change. Stay open and attentive. 

Second Part: Your Philosophy 

Third Part: More About You 

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