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The Risk of Forest Fire is Extreme in Ontario including Toronto

forest fire danger Ontario Canada

As the ongoing wildfire near Wawa, Ont. has reached a staggering size, posing a significant threat to provincial highways, several areas in the province have been classified as being at "extreme" risk of experiencing their own wildfires. They include Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Timmins, Algonquin Park, as well as Toronto.

Effective June 1, a significant portion of the northeastern and northwestern regions in the province have been designated as Restricted Fire Zones (RFZ). This means that temporary restrictions are now in effect, prohibiting open fires and the burning of grass or debris. This is to minimize the risk of human-triggered fires that could potentially aggravate the spread of flames.

According to the officials, the current and forecasted wildfires are being “continuously and carefully monitored, and therefore, generally speaking, Ontarians do not need to be concerned. However, it is highly advised to stay proactive by monitoring news updates, following the guidelines, and practicing fire safety measures for everyone's safety.

Up until now in the current year, Ontario has reported 78 forest fires in total. This is comparable to the 77 fires reported during a similar timeframe in 2022.

What You Need to Know Regarding Restricted Fire Zone

forest fire danger Ontario Canada Restricted Fire Zone What to do

If you own a property in the affected area, it is highly advisable that you keep your lawn mowed and well-hydrated. Move wood piles and any other flammable materials well away from structures. Make sure conifer trees are pruned as they are highly flammable. If you have profane gas/stoves, use them with extreme caution.

Numerous parks in Ontario prohibit the use of fire pits, charcoal barbecues, and candles including Algonquin, Arrowhead, and Killarney. If you plan to visit one of these parks in the near future, please visit the Ontario Parks website to get the latest update.

Be Proactive & Safeguard Your Safety and Well-being

forest fire danger Ontario Canada air filter air purifier

As the wildfires rage on, they pose a grave threat by releasing smoke and pollutants, which severely impact the air quality. Your health and well-being are at stake.

To ensure the comfort and well-being you deserve, we strongly recommend taking proactive measures by implementing advanced air cleaning technology. Air filtration systems, specially equipped with highly efficient HEPA filters, will effectively restore purity to the air in your property.

We work with specialized devices that will effectively purify the air that has been deteriorated by wildfires. For more information, please contact our office.

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